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PPrepaid Funerals

We all plan for the future, for expected and unexpected.

A Creightons Prepaid Funeral Plan can help ensure you relieve family and loved ones of the responsibility of having to plan and finance arrangements at a time when their grief will be burden enough.

By pre-planning a funeral with Creightons, you choose the type and style of service that you want. There are many decisions to make and these should reflect your preferences, including special requests. So it makes good sense to make them well before-hand. And after all, why shouldn’t it be your choice?

Money paid into a Creightons Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is invested in strict accordance with Government legislation with an experienced independent and registered fund manager – secure and guaranteed against future funeral cost increases. Payment by either lump sum or installment, a Creightons Pre-Paid Funeral Plan gives you the peace of mind to get on and enjoy life.

Your Creightons representative can provide any information you may require to assist in your decision to proceed with a Creightons Pre-Paid Funeral Plan. Fully mobile covering the entire Central Coast, Hunter Region, and Sydney Region, consultations with one of our representatives can be conducted in the comfort and convenience of your home. To arrange an appointment, just call the Creightons 24 hr Care Line:
Prepaid funeral plans Central Coast: (02) 4324 1533
Prepaid funeral plans Hunter: (02) 4991 5556
Prepaid funeral plans Sydney: (02) 9488 9265

To make an online enquiry, click here.

For frequently asked questions regarding Creightons Pre-Paid Funeral Plans, please view our video or download a copy of our “Pre-Paid Funeral Plans” brochure by clicking on the link below.

Pre-Paid Funeral Brochure

Creightons Funeral Service is a member of the Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA)